Closet Handbag Organizer

Some women suffer from handbag addiction. I myself suffer from this problem and my closet does as well. You will be surprised at what a few handbags cluttered in your closet with do to the organization of a small space. There are many solutions to getting more space out of your closet. Many women throw their handbag at the top of their closets and forget they ever have them. If you spend a lot of money on quality handbags it is important to preserve them and display them in an organized manor.

One way to get organized in your closet is to buy closet hooks. If you have a walk in closet you can hang your hooks on any wall or some where out of the way, I put mine on the wall across from my wardrobe. You can hang several of these hooks so that your handbags don’t bulk up on one hook. If you have a standard closet you can hang your hooks at the top of closet, or you can hang them on the inner walls. If you hangĀ  your hooks on the top of the closet you should hang them high so that your handbags can still be seen.

Another way to get your handbags organized in your closet is with hangers. You can buy hangers that have several holes in them, so all you have to do is hang your handbag on a hanger and then place the hanger through one of the whole. These types of hanger are great because they also line up the purses to create less bulk in your closet. You can also get a “Closet Maid” system that works great as well when it comes to handbag organization. With this system you can make cubbies specifically for your handbags and keep them up high in your closet or at eye lever.

There are many ways to keep your closet handbag friendly. If you have an addiction to handbags you want to preserve the ones you have and not throw them around. Many women find that once they have organized their handbags they find purses they never knew they had. Hooks, hangers, or closet organizing systems are all great ways to keep your handbags looking great.

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